Wedding Photography at New Craven Hall

Sep 28, 2021

If you’re searching for wedding photography at New Craven Hall, that means you have chosen this gorgeous and unique venue for your wedding. And that means you’re my kind of people. 

I’ll start by saying, I absolutely adore photographing at New Craven Hall. It is one of my favourite venues! It’s unique, quirky and completely unexpected. I love that every couple I work with who are planning their day here, are planning a non-traditional and laid back day (which is absolutely the best sort of wedding!). 

Confetti wedding photography at New Craven Hall

New Craven Hall is the baby of Jane and Ben who created their own venue after years of working in weddings and events. This experience has formed a unique vision and insight, which Jane and Ben have infiltrated into every aspect of New Craven Hall. From their genuinely lovely approach with all couples, to the quirky lighting and signs dotted around the venue, every aspect has been carefully considered by them. They have taken a very normal looking modern warehouse and using their imagination, creativity and determination, they have turned it into one of Leeds’ most unique venues. The outside space at New Craven Hall is made up of a series of unique spaces for guests to relax and enjoy. The beautiful and enchanting lighting means that these spaces can be enjoyed well after sunset. The space inside New Craven Hall is vast and versatile, which means it can accommodate weddings of up to 200 people. The space can also be partitioned, so it also works well with smaller weddings. The twinkling fairy and festoon lights inside New Craven Hall create the perfect wedding atmosphere. The industrial vibes mean that every angle is picture perfect. I really like how everything is close together – there is no losing Uncle Fred at this venue. 

New Craven Hall wedding photography outside space

The surrounding area is the perfect place for urban portraits. I absolutely love photographing here because I am constantly finding new places and backdrops to use. The bridges over the motorway are just perfect for quickie photographs. There are some trees and hedges around the venue too – so if you do want a few photos with a more natural background, this can be done too. 

You can check out the weddings I’ve photographed at New Craven Hall here and here.

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My name is Anna and I’m a photographer based in North West England specialising in fun and chilled weddings. Please check out the rest of my blog for more wedding inspiration and planning tips or follow me on instagram.


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