An Industrial Wedding in Leeds

May 5, 2022

I really loved photographing this indsutral wedding in Leeds. Nick and Jess got married at New Craven Hall, which is a modern warehouse in Leeds with industrial vibes. It was one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot and was the perfect chilled out wedding. This New Craven Hall Leeds wedding was such a fab day to be a part of!

The Ceremony

The legal ceremony happened the day before in the town hall and so one of their friends conducted a ceremony for them at New Craven Hall. It was very funny and very relaxed. Ceremonies at New Craven Hall are amazing because the space can be laid out however the couple prefers. The industrial style of the interior makes the perfect backdrop.

After the Ceremony

The couple had a drinks reception in the afternoon. This included a special drink on the menu – ‘The Jesspresso Martini’ which had their faces on! The meal was lots of meat and salad platters from the amazing Leeds based The Outdoor Kitchen. After the food, there were lots of speeches – including speeches from some of Jess’s bridesmaids (yay for women doing wedding speeches!). During the first dance, they had a surprise confetti cannon which was brilliant. 

The Couple

The couple got in touch with me years ago, and their enquiry was a perfect fit. They wanted a wedding that was untraditional, fun and a chance to have a big party with all their friends and family. Unfortunately due to covid, their plans got delayed by 17 months but this just made them more determined to have a day where everyone could let their hair down and dance the night away. It was absolutely perfect. 

Why an industrial wedding in Leeds is a great idea:

Leeds, like most UK cities, is industrial history. Factories and warehouses once dominated the skyline. Embracing the past with an industruial style wedding in Leeds, venues such as New Craven Hall are paving the way for a different way of doing weddings. They are perfect for couples who want a chilled out wedding super cool photos.

If you’re planning an industrial wedding in Leeds, get in touch! Want to find out more about this venue? Check out this blog.

An industrial wedding in Leeds
An industrial wedding in Leeds at New Craven Hall
An industrial wedding in Leeds
An industrial wedding in Leeds
An industrial wedding in Leeds outside
Industrial wedidng portraits in Leeds

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