Aug 10, 2019


Laura and Dom are one of a kind. They met whilst Scouting, and had their wedding reception at Bradley Woods in Huddersfield, where it all began.  They wanted a super chilled-out wedding with none of the traditional formalities. They hired a marquee and planned an epic DIY wedding, and their dog Gibbs was guest of honour. If you’re planning a DIY marquee wedding in Huddersfield you should enjoy looking through this. 


The ceremony took place in Huddersfield Town Hall. I’ve photographed several weddings here and I find the registrars to be super friendly. Dom arrived first, soon followed by Laura who arrived in an epic VW camper. There were a few guests who were stuck in traffic en route to Huddersfield Town Hall and so the wedding was held off until the last minute. Unfortunately for Dom, this meant he had lots and lots of time to get very nervous! Laura and Dom had a reading from FRIENDS – the vows Joey reads for Monica and Chandler. It is safe to say there were several guests (including myself) who found it very funny and an absolutely perfect fit for this couple. 


After a very quick confetti throw (no posing on the stairs for these two!) it was time to party! Laura and Dom headed to Bradley Woods in the camper (by the way, I did squeal when I realised the camper was exactly the same colour as my branding and now need to convince Mr Wood that we need to buy one). I managed to beat them to Bradley Woods and get shots of them arriving. Their dog, Gibbs, arrived soon after, so we took him for a walk and had a few photos. Back in the gorgeously decorated marquee, the guests had begun to arrive and everyone was in great spirits. The children were playing fetch with Gibbs in the rain. Yes, it was raining. It’s taken me until this point to mention the rain because I promise you: rain is never going to ruin a wedding day, or be the first thing you remember afterwards. 


We left the group photos until the evening when a few more guests had arrived. At this point, gathering everyone together into some sort of formation was pretty hilarious, as the beer and wine had been flowing for a while. The ceilidh in the evening was a brilliant ending to an epic day. 


Bradley Woods –

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Woodstock Pizza –

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