Sep 18, 2018


Beth and Alex had the most amazing DIY tipi wedding in Leeds. They hired Robinson Library in Timble, and used Pakakata Tipi’s to turn it into the most beautiful summer wedding haven. This DIY tipi Leeds wedding is full of fun and laughter. 


Timble has a few holiday cottages available to hire, so Beth and her bridesmaids hung out in one, and the groom and groomsmen in the other. It was such a lovely summer’s day so Beth had the patio doors open from her room to the garden. Music played and the drinks flowed and it was a lovely chilled out morning. Her mum helped her into her dress, she put on her flats and was ready to go. Alex walked down to the library with his groomsmen in time to welcome all the guests.  Beth’s walk to the library in the sunshine was lovely to photograph too.  


The ceremony took place inside Robinson Library. This is where the guests first got a glimpse at the amazing DIY decorations that had been made by Beth and her mum. Bunting hung through the room and flowers decorated the aisle. My favourite part of the ceremony was when both families took a flame to light a new candle together – it was such a lovely moment. 


Beth and Alex came straight out of the library into a tunnel of confetti-throwing guests in front of the tipi. In the afternoon, there was live music, a BBQ and a boat full of booze. Guests relaxed on hay bales and children played between the trees. It really was as idyllic as I’m describing – like the most epic garden party. I’m a big believer in not just following wedding tradition for the sake of it and Beth and Alex were in full agreement. There were two quick speeches and then everyone went back to partying. They didn’t have a ‘first dance’ and there was no bar or set welcome drinks on a tray (‘just grab what you want out of the boat’, they said). If it was something they wouldn’t enjoy, they didn’t do it, and I think that is a great recipe for a brilliant wedding. 


The afternoon merged seamlessly into the evening with the live music continuing. Once it was dark we were treated to the most amazing fire breathing display. Beth, Alex and their guests huddled under umbrellas to watch, but the rain didn’t stop the festivities. 


Venue: Robinson Library, Timble

Tipi – Papakata

Dress: Web2b

Suits: Next

Bridesmaids Dresses: Coast

Make-up: Caroline cooper

Hair: Caroline cooper

Flowers: DIY

Band: Michael Mulholland

If you’re planning a DIY Tipi Leeds wedding I’d love to hear from you!

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