Leeds Civic Hall Wedding

Mar 19, 2023

If you’re planning a Leeds Civic Hall Wedding read on for lots of tips and advice

I am lucky enough to have photographed many Leeds Civic Hall weddings and have made this blog post to help those planning their wedding at this stunning venue. It might be because I’m a complete sucker for anything 1930s, but I think Leeds Civic Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It’s hard to believe it was built as council offices and not originally intended for weddings! Its bright white exterior and the square in front make the most beautiful backdrop for your wedding photographs.

The West Room at Leeds Civic Hall

The West Room is perfect for smaller ceremonies because It has a capacity for upto 38 guests. It’s located on the ground floor and is the room on the left as you walk into the building from the main doors. It has windows that look out over Millenium Square. The aisle is formed slightly to the left of the room (towards the windows) rather than straight down the middle. Your guests will be able to enjoy the many, many portraits of Mayors and Mayoress’ that adorn the walls. When you book The West Room, your guests generally wait in the room opposite before the ceremony begins.

The Banquet Hall at Leeds Civic Hall

The Banquet Hall is located upstairs in the building. It has a gorgeous area for guests to wait just outside with a stunning ceiling. This room has a capacity of up to 90 and it is quite a large space. The room is rectangular and the chairs are arranged longways across the room with an aisle in the middle. The windows are on the wall directly opposite the door. This room has lots of ornate wood paneling and does have a lovely old feel to it.

Inside Leeds Civic Hall

I couldn’t write this blog post without mentioning the beautiful interior of the building. The downstairs hallway is bright white with gorgeous teal coumns. There is a grand-staircase leading to the Banquet Room.

Outside Leeds Civic Hall

You can usually use the steps at the front of Leeds Civic Hall for group photographs and confetti straight after the ceremony. This area can get busy if another wedding is arriving or the previous wedding ran late and they are finishing off but there are plenty of alternative spaces at the side and back of the building. 

The view from the end of Millenium Square looking back at the Civic Hall is brilliant for portraits. There are also plenty of other posts nearby including The Nelson Mandela Garden and Park Square. The architecture in this part of Leeds also makes a brilliant backdrop for photographs. 

Want to see more?

Below are photographs from Suchita and Ron’s gorgeous March wedding. See also Tess and Joe and Esme and Matt. If you’re planning a winter wedding at the Civic Hall, check out Alice and Tom.

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